In every other waking moment, he is an artist constantly open to and in search of inspiration.
I have been fortunate to work with many world renowned and iconic companies. Early on his first job was a a print designer for Coach Leatherware in New York. Later working for the NFL designing logos, team uniforms and event graphics. After 5 years the NFL he moved on to work at a small design firm where he worked with many high profile clients. Developing and designing style guides for the NBA, NHL, MLB and Nascar. Working on these iconic brands gave him a real sense of what quality design practices are at a high level.
Below are a few shots from my solo show in Madrid, last year at Geleria a Ciegas.
Then and Now (Solo show in Galeria a Ciegas, Madrid)
Every generation has its own set of graphic touchstones; images that are breakthrough in their creativity, inspiration and utility. Many of these images come from Advertising: In America, Cereal Giant Kellogs, Sneaker companies Nike and Pony, and toy manufacturer Mattel come to mind. The allure of these images; their power and simplicity, have always had an impact on Denis.
Even in his youth, before he held even a notion of what “graphic design” was, he found himself drawn to packaging graphics in their base form: the black cat on a package of fireworks, the box from a coveted pair of pro-KEDS or “Elsie the Cow” on a half gallon of milk.
These simple but singular images; and others like them which Denis finds in old magazines at flea markets near his home in New Jersey or purchases from eBay, are the foundation of the art Denis has created in this Collection. He has taken ephemera from across generations to create these mixed media works of typography, advertising and packaging elements as well as other mundane items in which he sees graphic brilliance or, at least, curiosity.
Denis creates this art for himself; it brings together creative disciplines of silkscreening, printmaking, and sculpture to birth unique pieces that span time. In this way, Denis is able to use modern techniques to make what was once old new again.
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